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Up for the Device Cashback Challenge?


Staying motivated and fit just got easier with the AIA Vitality Device Cashback Challenge!

Achieve your Weekly Challenge targets to get up to RM1,000 cashback on your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin device purchased via your My AIA app.

How Does the Device Cashback Challenge Work?

A member can only select ONE fitness device purchased from My AIA app to join in the Device Cashback Challenge. ONE AIA Vitality membership can only join with ONE fitness device. Fitness device must be purchased via member's own account.

The device cashback amount is dependent on you meeting your Weekly Challenge targets: the cashback duration is dependent on the price of your fitness device.

Before Joining the Challenge

You can login to your My AIA app, go to Device Cashback Challenge page and follow the steps below to join the Challenge:

Step 1: Obtain your AIA Vitality Age by completing the About You Assessment

Step 2: Purchase a device from partner website accessible from the My AIA app

Step 3: Link your device to join the Challenge

This Challenge is only open to all AIA Vitality members.

You can purchase an Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin devices. Purchases must be made from partner website accessible from My AIA app. More partner brands will be added later, stay tuned!

No, you can only earn cashback during the challenge period.

After Joining the Challenge

You must achieve your Weekly Challenge goals in order to be rewarded with RM10 cashback per week.

Your Challenge Period is calculated based on the device price you have purchased. The Start Date will be set as the next Monday following your activation. You can refer to the example below:

You have purchased Device X

  • Purchase Price: RM348.6 (after discount from partner)
  • Purchase Date: 19 Apr 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Start Date: 24 Apr 2023 (Monday)
  • End Date: 24 Dec 2023
  • Number of weekly cashbacks: 35 (RM10 each)

Upon joining the challenge, you will need to fill up your bank account details for us to credit the cashback directly into your bank account.

No, there are no do-overs for any specific week and your Challenge Period will not change.

You cannot opt out of cashback during your Challenge Period. Your Weekly Challenge voucher reward will resume upon the End Date of your Challenge.

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