Critical Illness Protection

Focus on your recovery instead of your financial commitments when you are protected by AIA's critical illness insurance or takaful plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A critical illness insurance / takaful plan will provide a lump sum payment to you based on your coverage amount if you are diagnosed with conditions that are considered as critical. It is often sued as a financial safety net for your monthly expenses, and financial aid for your treatment and recovery.

When one is diagnosed with a critical illness, besides the cost of treatment which can be covered by your medical protection plan, it normally comes with other expenses related to your recovery, and you sometimes may need to incur other expenses to the changes to your lifestyle.

With the lump sum payment from your critical illness insurance / takaful plan, you and your loved ones will have the financial support needed, so you can focus on your recovery.

When you purchase AIA Critical Illness plans, you're eligible to sign up for AIA Vitality. This health programme supports and motivates you to make healthy lifestyle choices and even offers additional benefits to some of our Critical Illness Protection plans, such as Health Screening Benefit every 2 years and Yearly Cash Bonus. Speak to our Life Planners for more information on AIA Vitality's integrated benefits.

Critical Illness Protection and Medical Protection are different:

  • Medical insurance / takaful plans cover the cost of your hospital bills, surgery, and even psychiatric healthcare.
  • Critical Illness insurance / takaful plans provide you with a lump sum amount of money should you be diagnosed with a critical illness covered by your plan to help provide you with financial support so you can focus on your recovery.

We encourage you to complement your Medical Protection with our Critical Illness Protection to ensure that your different needs are covered.

Basic: Provides you with essential protection.

Comprehensive: Provides comprehensive coverage for your needs.

Add-on: Flexible plans that you can add to your proteection plan to meet your individual needs.