Glossary of Terms


Accidental dismemberment

Becoming disabled after losing a part of your body in an accident. 

Account value

The total value of the investment funds units in your plan.

Anniversary bonus

An additional coverage amount rewarded to you at no additional cost, for every year you stay with us.

Annual dividend & Terminal dividend

Annual dividends are extra cash that may be paid out to you based on your investment fund performance. 

A terminal dividend may be paid out to you when you make a claim, choose to stop the policy or when the policy ends.

Annual limit

The maximum claimable amount in a year for a medical plan.


The coverage amount will automatically be increased by 100% (or up to the maximum amount) when your child reaches a specific age stated in the plan, without any medical underwriting.


Cancer based underwriting

Only your medical condition and family's medical history related to cancer will be taken into consideration for the approval of your application, making it simpler for you to get protected.

Co-insurance & Deductible

When you and your insurer pay part of your medical expense, it’s called cost sharing. Here are examples of how cost sharing may work on a typical medical insurance: 

"Deductible" is the fixed amount you pay for healthcare services before your medical insurance covers the remainder of the payment, up to your plan's limit.

"Co-insurance" is when you share the costs of the healthcare service which is usually a percentage of your medical expense. 

Congenital conditions

A structural defect or malformation, or functional abnormalities that occur during the prenatal stage and can be identified during pregnancy, at birth or later in life.


The amount that you pay to participate in a takaful plan to protect you and your loved ones for a specified risk over a specified time.

Coverage amount

The amount of takaful benefit that is payable to you via that plan.

Critical illness

Life-threatening condition(s) as defined in your policy contract / certificate.



A fixed amount that you have to pay for the medical expenses incurred before your medical insurance covers the remainder of the payment, up to your plan's limit. For example, if you choose a deductible option with amount RMX, you have to pay RMX first out of the medical expenses and we will pay the rest. 


Early stage cancer

Early stage cancer is a cancer that has not grown deeply into nearby tissues or spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body - typically in stage 0 or stage 1. While early stage cancer may not be considered as life threatening, chances of survival and recovery are better if diagnosed and treated before it spreads.

Early, intermediate or advanced stage

"Early stage" cancer (stage 0 or stage 1) is a cancer that has not grown deeply into nearby tissues and has not spread. 

"Intermediate stage" cancer (stage 2 or stage 3) is a cancer that have grown more deeply into nearby tissue. They may have also spread to lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body.

"Advanced stage" cancer (stage 4) is a cancer that has spread to other organs or parts of the body. It may be also called metastatic cancer and is considered life threatening.


Health Rewards

Health Rewards are the extra benefits enjoyed by AIA Vitality members based on their AIA Vitality status for selected policies or takaful plans. These benefits include cashback, deductible waiver, hospital room and board benefit upgrade, and Health Wallet Booster. 

Health Wallet

The Health Wallet rewards AIA Vitality members additional cash value for every year they do not make a claim. The value can grow based on the customer's AIA Vitality status, and can be utilised for illness prevention, extra coverage for the top 3 critical illnesses and coverage for mobility and hearing-related equipment in the case of disability and psychiatric consultation for the covered mental conditions. Any remaining amount in the Health Wallet will be payable upon death or when your plan matures.


Hibah means ‘gift’. Conditional Hibah in takaful allows a takaful participant to nominate a person (or persons) as beneficiary (or beneficiaries) to receive takaful benefits upon his / her death without having to go through lengthy inheritance procedures. 



Investment-linked plans have insurance / takaful coverage and investment components. Your premiums / contributions are used to pay for units in one or more sub-funds of your choice. Some of the units purchased are then sold to pay for insurance and other charges, while the rest remain invested.


Juvenile critical illness

Life-threatening medical conditions that are more prevalent in children.


Lifetime limit

This is the maximum claimable amount throughout the period your medical plan is active. 

Lump sum payment

A monetary sum paid in one single payment based on your coverage amount.



The date when your coverage for a plan ends. 

Medically Necessary

Medically Necessary means healthcare services that a physician, exercising prudent clinical judgment, would provide to a patient. 

The service must be:

  • consistent with the diagnosis and customary medical treatment for the illness/ accident; and
  • in accordance with standards of good medical practice, consistent with current standard of professional medical care, and proven medical benefits; and
  • not for the convenience of the Insured or the Physician, and unable to be reasonably rendered out of Hospital (if admitted as an In-Patient); and
  • not of an experimental, investigational or research nature, preventive or screening nature; and
  • for which the charges are fair and considered Reasonable and Customary Charges for the illness / accident.


One-off payments

A single claim payment.


Permanent life policy

An insurance plan that provides coverage throughout the lifetime of the person insured.

Personal crime

The act of committing or attempting to commit any unlawful or criminal act, whether directly or as an accessory that results in physical harm to any person including assault and battery, kidnapping, homicide, snatch theft, robbery and rape.


The fee you pay to AIA for the coverage to protect you and your loved ones for a specified risk and a specified time.



A sum paid to cover the money that has been spent or lost.


Sum covered

The sum of money you wish to be covered for.

Surplus Sharing

Surplus refers to the excess from the takaful risk fund at the end of every year that will be shared between the takaful operator and eligible participants at a 50:50 ratio.



Tabarru' (Donation) is the amount deducted at a predefined portion as a donation for the purpose of mutual help and assistance to fellow participants in need.

Temporarily disabled

This means that a person is unable to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury.

Temporary partial disability

This happens if the injuries sustained during an accident caused you to be disabled and forces you to work at a reduced level while you recover.

Temporary total disability

This is when you become injured and disabled due to an accident and cannot work for a period of time.

Total & permanent disability

When a person is unable to ever work again due to a sickness or injury. 


Vitality Booster

Vitality Booster rewards AIA Vitality members with additional amount of coverage and maturity value for selected policies or takaful plans. The percentage of Vitality Booster is dependent on the customer's AIA Vitality status.

Vitality Joy Wallet

Vitality Joy Wallet is the extra benefits that can be enjoyed by the child insured based on the customer's AIA Vitality status and the coverage amount of A-Plus ParentCare Xtra. The Vitality Joy Wallet can be used up to the limit stated and subject to the remaining amount for the following services: child vaccination (flu, Hepatits B, Pneumococcal), dental care (oral examination, tooth extraction, scaling and polishing), optical care (eye examination, cost of eyeglasses), and hearing examination and consultation.

Vitality Wealth Booster

Vitality Wealth Booster is designed to boost your savings plan for your child when you stay healthy with AIA Vitality. Depending on your AIA Vitality status, you can earn additional amount for your child's Wealth Account every year until your child attains age 25. This benefit is applicable with the A-Plus ParentCare rider.


Waiting period

The time period where the company will not pay for certain claims. 


Yearly Cash Bonus

Yearly Cash Bonus is an additional bonus given to customers for selected plans annually on the date of policy / certificate anniversary. The Yearly Cash Bonus may increase, decrease or remain the same based on the customer's AIA Vitality status.