AIA i-One Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

AIA i-One Plan is a term family Takaful plan which covers death and total and permanent disability for one (1) year. 

This plan is commission-free and no intermediaries are involved in the sales or marketing of AIA i-One Plan.

This plan is available to individuals aged 16 to 55.

The amount of coverage you need depends on your affordability, current financial obligations and the future financial needs of your family. You can calculate your estimated protection needs here.

Benefit Coverage Amount*
Death or Total and Permanent Disability RM 50,000
RM 100,000
RM 150,000
RM 200,000
RM 300,000
RM 400,000
RM 500,000

* Subject to a maximum of RM500,000 per life.

If you pass away during the certificate’s term, your loved ones will receive 100% of the coverage amount.

Yes, death or Total and Permanent Disability claims of this plan is payable in addition to any other insurance plans cover death and Total and Permanent Disability that you have with AIA.

You will receive 100% of the coverage amount if you suffer from Total and Permanent Disability during the coverage period. The Total and Permanent Disability of the person covered must be in the form of presumptive disability or conform to Total and Permanent Disability definition.

The coverage term is one (1) year only.

Your coverage begins immediately after contribution payment is confirmed.

Takaful is a mutual assistance scheme based on the principles of solidarity, brotherhood, and cooperation. Each participant agrees to contribute on the basis of Tabarru’ (donation) into a fund called Participants’ Risk Fund (PRF), which will be used to assist each other in times of need. AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. (AIA PUBLIC) as a Takaful Operator is entrusted to properly invest and manage this fund in accordance with the investment strategy that complies with Shariah principles.

Surplus will be determined and declared, if any, once a year by the Takaful Operator. If there is any surplus arising from the PRF, the net surplus, after claims payable and required capital shall be shared by the Takaful Operator and eligible Participant at the following ratios.

  Takaful Operator Participants
Surplus in Participants’ Risk Fund (PRF) 50% 50%

The surplus will be shared with the eligible Participants proportionally in accordance to their actual Tabarru’ allocation.

You can make the payment with your credit card or through online banking payment.

The contribution for this plan is guaranteed throughout the one (1) year term.

You only have to pay the annual contribution once.

You can change your contribution payment method or payment mode at our customer portal, AIA+. Please click on this link to login or register.

Yes, you may participate in more than one (1) AIA i-One Plan subject to a maximum total coverage amount of RM 500,000.

Renewal for this certificate is by invitation only. An invitation to renew your certificate will be sent to you via email two (2) months before your certificate’s expiry date.

Once your coverage begins, you cannot change it during the term of your policy.

Upon your successful participation and contribution payment, we will send you a confirmation email together with your e-Certificate. Please keep this email secure as proof of coverage. However, should you lose this email, you can always log on to our customer portal, AIA+, to view your certificate details and download a copy of your e-Certificate. Please click on this link to login or register.

Participating in this term family takaful certificate requires your financial commitment for one (1) year. You may cancel the Takaful Certificate by giving a written request that is signed by you to AIA PUBLIC within fifteen (15) days of your e-certificate contract being made available on AIA’s customer portal. The contributions that you have paid will be refunded to you.

You may also surrender your certificate at any time while the Certificate is in force, by giving a written notice to Us. Upon surrender, the unutilised contribution from PRF and the unearned Wakalah Fee from the Takaful Operator’s fund (if any) will be payable to you, provided that you have not made a claim on the Certificate.

No. There is no additional fees and charges other than your contribution payment. Please note that contribution paid by business organisations are subject to the applicable tax imposed by the Government of Malaysia at the prevailing rate.

You will not be covered if you pass away in any of the following circumstances:

i. Death by suicide.
ii. You will not be covered if you suffer Total and Permanent Disability due to the following circumstances:

a. Willful exposure to danger or attempted self-destruction or self-inflicted injuries while sane or insane.

b. Service in the armed forces at a time of declared or undeclared war, or while under orders for warlike operations or restoration of public order.

c. Entering, exiting, operating, servicing, or being transported by any aerial device or transportation, except if you are a fare-paying passenger or crew member on a commercial passenger airline on a regular scheduled passenger trip over an established passenger route.

d. Any congenital defect which has manifested or was diagnosed before the person covered attains seventeen (17) years of age.

e. Any disability resulting from a physical or mental condition which existed before the issue date or commencement date of the certificate, whichever is later, which was not disclosed in the application or health statement.
Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to your e-certificate for the full list of exclusions.

It can be anyone but the nominee has to be a person. You cannot put an organisation as a nominee.

Nomination is important to ensure your nominee(s) receives the benefits from your Takaful Certificate as soon as possible, should you pass away. It is also important to ensure that the person(s) nominated is aware of this.

You may appoint nominee(s) as:

i. An executor; or
ii. A beneficiary under conditional hibah (gift).

It can be anyone but the nominee has to be a natural person. You cannot name an organisation as a nominee.

Nomination is not compulsory. However, we would suggest you to make a nomination to speed up the claims payment to your nominees.

The claim form can be downloaded here or can be found in AIA website.

The completed claim form together with the necessary documents can be submitted at any of our AIA Customer Centres.

For more information on how to make a claim and the additional documents required, go to this link.

You can check your claim status by registering as a user of our customer portal AIA+. Please click on this link to register. You can also visit any of our Customer Centres or contact 1300-88-8922. (for certificates with AIA PUBLIC).

We will need a letter from the National Registration Department of Malaysia confirming the death. We will also need the certified true copy of the death certificate issued by the country where you are at.

Please leave us your contact details by clicking on this link. You can also call AIA PUBLIC Customer Contact at 1300-88-8922.

If you send us an email, you will receive an immediate automated acknowledgement. Our customer care representatives will respond to your emails within 3 working days.