Premium / Contribution Payment

Premium / Contribution Payment

You may make premium/contribution via the AIA+ App or Portal. Please refer to the link below for further details:

We advise that you make prompt premium/contribution so there is no disruption to your insurance coverage. If you fail to do so, your policy/certificate will not be active after the 31-day grace period, and you will no longer be covered by AIA.

There are a few alternatives available:

  • If your policy has cash dividends, you can use it to pay your premium.

    To use your cash dividends for premium payment, you will need to inform us by emailing or calling us on 1300 88 1899. We will send the relevant forms for you to complete and send back to us. This is not applicable for AIA PUBLIC customers.

  • If your policy has enough cash value, an Automatic Premium Loan (APL) will be triggered if premiums are not paid after the 31-day grace period.

    This means the APL will be used to cover your unpaid premiums. Once your policy’s cash value is used up and the outstanding premiums are not paid, the policy will no longer be active. Please note that interest is charged on the APL at the current rate, which is subject to change.

APL does not apply for AIA PUBLIC Takaful certificates.

You can perform change payment frequency via the AIA+ App or Portal.

  • For Customer:

    AIA+ > Service Request > Select Policy > Change Payment Frequency

  • For Life Planner

    ALPP > My Servicing > Policy Status Enquiry > Service Request > Change Payment Frequency

Please refer to the link below for further details:

You can update new credit/debit card details by logging on to our customer portal – AIA+. Please refer to the link below for further details:

The date for your premium/contribution deductions cannot be changed. However, you can request to change the frequency of the premium/contribution payment to either monthly, annually, semi-annually or quarterly depending on the plan that you have.

You can view the premium due date from AIA+ under "Individual Plans". Alternatively, you can also:

A one-time payment confirmation will be triggered via the AIA+ Push Notification/SMS/E-mail to you. Alternatively, you also can check the payment details via AIA+. Go to "Transaction History" and click on "My Payments". Next, click "View Transaction History" and click on "Payment History".

Note: Based on mobile number/email address record with AIA+. Please ensure that your contact details with AIA are accurate and updated.

You can view the payment method via AIA+. Go to “Individual Plans” and click on “Policy Details”.

Direct Debit means you have enrolled for auto deduction for premium/ contribution from your debit/credit cards or savings/current account.

Direct Billing (Cash) means you are paying your premium/contribution via other alternative channels such as online banking or AIA+.

1. Payment using credit/debit card:

  • Card is valid and within expiry date
  • Sufficient credit/purchase limits
  • Debit card setting allows card-not-present (CNP) transactions

2. Payment with savings/current account:

  • Sufficient funds in bank account
  • For direct debit enrolment, ensure your signature, name and NRIC matches with the bank account opening information kept by your bank

3. Online payment via M2U/PBE/JomPay:

  • Sufficient funds in account
  • Select correct Biller code
  • Complete Ref-1 & Ref-2 or payment detail fields correctly.