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WorkWell with AIA

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Solutions

Cost Management

Managing the drivers of medical cost through our own in-house third party administrator (TPA). Delivering efficient and cost effective healthcare administration management through our partners and dedicated and experienced staff

Strong Network Across Malaysia

With our reliable and trustworthy AIA panel hospitals and clinics nationwide, you can gain access to the right medical treatment with a wide range of services and discounted package prices.


Benefits of Network Coverage

Benefits of Platinum Hospitals

Digitalised Healthcare

A range of digital tools and services at your employees’ fingertips to support all aspects of health and well-being, at any time and from anywhere

Increase HR Efficiency

Simplify Employee Benefits for your HR team so that they can focus their energy on high-value activities.

Analytics, Insights & Reporting

Healthcare analytics provides better management of medical cost and risk by utilising data-driven insights to enable actionable targeted intervention plans for you and your employees

Analytics, Insights & Reporting only available for Total Corporate Solution.

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