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AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. Launches A-LifeLink-i Combining Protection and Investment

25 July 2014 dot 7 mins read

Kuala Lumpur, 25 July 2014 – AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. (AIA PUBLIC) has introduced a new plan, A-LifeLink-i, to help customers better manage their changing needs at the different life stages. With A-LifeLink-i, AIA customers now have access to a Shariah solution that not only protects them but offers them a chance to create savings via Shariah-compliant investment funds.

A-LifeLink-i is a regular contribution investment-linked Takaful plan that covers death as well as total and permanent disability up to age 100. The basic plan can be combined with 13 optional riders to provide additional protection for critical illness, medical needs and accidents. 

Wan Azman Wan Mamat, Chief Executive Officer of AIA PUBLIC said “We are pleased to provide this plan for customers who seek Shariah solution protection which works extra hard by also enabling them to meet their financial goals with Islamic investment instruments. ALifeLink-i allows them to create savings by investing in our available Shariah-compliant investment funds.”

An interesting feature of A-LifeLink-i is that it provides an automatic increase of 1% of the sum covered each year, starting from the 2nd anniversary of the certificate year. This automatic increase in coverage at no extra charge will continue until the plan reaches 120% of the initial sum covered. Customers who opted to attach the critical illness rider A-Plus CriticalCare-i with the basic plan, will also enjoy increasing sum covered for this rider.

A-LifeLink-i also offers a medical card rider, A-Plus Med-i, which comes with a swipe card facility to ease the hospital admission and discharge process. This medical card also provides medical and hospitalisation coverage without co-takaful and allow customers to extend coverage to their spouse and up to four children with no lifetime limit.

“We understand that at every different stage of a customer’s life, their needs are different. With A-LifeLink-i, customers can enjoy flexibility in managing these needs, while working towards achieving their goals in life,” Wan Azman explained.

“They can save more when they have extra money or chose to withdraw their savings should the need arise. They can also choose to switch their funds according to their risk tolerance level,” he added.

AIA PUBLIC introduces the Shariah solution concept with the objective to give AIA customers more choice in meeting their protection and investment needs, as the products are developed with similar features and benefits to AIA’s insurance products. This way, AIA PUBLIC can also easily leverage AIA’s network of 17,000 Life Planners to distribute its products.



About AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd.

AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. (AIA PUBLIC) is jointly owned by AIA Co. Ltd. (AIA), Public Bank Berhad (PBB) and Public Islamic Bank Berhad (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBB). Incorporated on 11 March 2011, AIA PUBLIC leverages on AIA and PBB Group’s leadership positions as well as established infrastructure and distribution networks in the insurance and banking industries to drive growth and increase the Family Takaful penetration in the domestic market.

AIA PUBLIC is committed to offering the right Shariah Solutions to meet the different life stages needs of our customers.