Vitality Terms & Conditions

Greetings Member,

Welcome to AIA Vitality!  You can now log in to the AIA Vitality portal and begin your wellness journey.

By logging into this portal, you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions of AIA Vitality membership and you agree to be bound by it. You also agree to receive any AIA Vitality related communication for the purpose of providing you with the information and services that will help you to take advantage of the benefits that the AIA Vitality programme offers.

The Terms & Conditions shall apply when you:

  • enroll for the AIA Vitality membership, or are enrolled by your company/ association into the AIA Vitality programme, or
  • register and log in to the AIA Vitality portal, or
  • use any benefits of the AIA Vitality programme.


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Vitality EB Address

Dear Corporate member,

We will send AIA Vitality related communication to your business email address:

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so that we might reach you in the event that your business email is no longer valid.