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What Is This About?

This basic screening checkup identifies your risk of chronic disease.

You may go for basic health screening at any hospital or enjoy exclusive rates of health check packages at participating BDMS hospitals. Get up to 6,000 Vitality Points from measuring 4 basic health readings:

• Body Mass Index (BMI)

• Blood Pressure

• Blood Glucose

• Cholesterol

How Does It Work?

  1. Make a booking with Vitality partner hospital or your preferred hospital/clinic.

  2. Go for basic health screening appointment. For appointment at partner hospital, present your AIA Vitality membership card to enjoy exclusive rate.

  3. Submit proof such as medical certificate or receipt to earn Vitality Points here.

What Will I Get?

750 points

Earn 750 points for each of the 4 basic heath readings you submit.

up to
6,000 points

Earn an additional 750 points for each of the 4 health readings submitted that fall within the healthy range.
Maximum 1,500 points for each health reading


Screening Details


BP Healthcare

6000 point

Up to 6,000 points


Retake every year

Claim Points

AIA Vitality Health Check

1 YEAR Check Your Health

Keeping track of your blood pressure, BMI, blood glucose, and cholesterol are essential to identifying any risks of developing chronic conditions. 

Earn AIA Vitality points for completing these basic health checks. AIA Vitality members also enjoy partner privileges for completing the AIA Vitality Health Check at BP Healthcare or Guardian.

Accident Pro Prime

Enjoy up to 50% discount on the AIA Vitality Health Check at BP Healthcare. You can also earn up to 6,000 AIA Vitality Points.

Accident Pro Prime

Enjoy an exclusive rate of RM3 for the AIA Vitality Express Health Check at selected Guardian pharmacies. You can also earn up to 4,500 AIA Vitality Points.