Finding the Right Balance

Yong Shih Ween, 32, doesn’t have a regular 9-to-5 job. His role as an air traffic controller requires him to work night shifts. “Plus, the nature of the job is stressful and exhausting at times”, says Yong. These reasons contribute to his belief that staying healthy is vital. “I need to stay fit because of my job. I work the night shift and it can be mentally stressful,” says Yong.

He goes to the gym three to four times a week to sweat it out. “The more frequently I go to my gym, the more cash back I get through my AIA Vitality benefits. I’ve received almost up to half of my fees,” shares Yong.

On top of that, he joins marathons and trail runs, does cross fit, swims, and more recently started trying obstacle challenges. “I am also mindful of the food I take. Less oil, less salt; more fruits and vegetables for me,” says Yong.

Signing up for AIA Vitality has helped him stay focused on his healthy lifestyle. “I found out about the programme from Fitness First, the gym I frequent. At that time, I was shopping for an upgrade from my then existing insurance plan from another provider. I was attracted to all that AIA Vitality offered and was happy that it also met all my protection needs, it was an easy decision for me to switch all my insurance plans to AIA,” says Yong.

The icing on the cake is the rewards he gets via the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge app for meeting his Weekly Targets, such as free TGV Cinemas movie passes and other vouchers that he enjoys.

There is also the Jaya Grocer 10% discount on fruits and vegetables that Yong uses regularly. Yong has also won passes for sporting events through the programme and has recently achieved Platinum member status – with this he’s looking forward to enjoy up to 50% off AirAsia flights.

“Also, I now go for regular nutrition consultations at BP Healthcare as it is a part of the programme benefits. These are things I used to take for granted,” says Yong. “With these member benefits and rewards, it would have been a waste if I didn’t sign up for AIA Vitality,” says Yong.

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