With her busy schedule as a university Dean and dentist as well as mother to three children, it is easy for Professor Dr. Seow to make ample excuses for not having the time to exercise. After all, lack of time is often the top reason people fall off the health bandwagon.

Not for the 52-year-old, though, who is all about improvising when it comes to keeping active. Her “special” routine includes doing 15 minutes of push-ups, burpees and weights when she wakes up. While brushing her teeth, she’s doing squats. She parks her car furthest away from her office and walks up the stairs instead of using the lift. When chairing meetings, she makes a conscious effort to stand or walk instead of sitting down.

At home, she does squats while cooking – sometimes even yoga or planking if the cooking takes longer! And when she’s watching television, Dr. Seow makes it a point to be on the exercise bicycle for at least half an hour.

What commitment! “Discipline is key,” says the doctor. “With my routine, I never fail to achieve at least 7,500 steps every day and earn 50 AIA Vitality Points.”

Dr. Seow says that while she’s always been relatively active, she’s become even more conscious to keep up with her healthy routine thanks to AIA Vitality. “The programme’s Weekly Challenge mobile app motivates me to increase my daily activities so that I can meet the fitness targets,” says the Gold status member.

With her persistence and dedication for better health, Dr. Seow easily hits 100 points almost daily!

She’s also keen to get her three children – 13, 17 and 21 – started on a healthy lifestyle. “My youngest daughter runs and takes part in races with me. I hike almost every week and my daughter follows me too,” says Dr. Seow.

Dr Seow also notes member benefits like 10% Jaya Grocer discount on fresh fruits, and up to 50% discount on AirAsia flights. “They’re great bonuses that help motivate me as well!”

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