It all began with a friendly competition among colleagues to see who can collect more AIA Vitality Points. “I would go to the gym every day, sometimes during lunch, to get more points,” says AIA Vitality Gold member 42-year-old Nazim Khan.

Using the programme to track their progress, Nazim and his colleagues would challenge each other to reach the next level faster. Indirectly, this motivated them to change their lifestyles together, encouraging one another to keep fit and active.

“It made working out a fun thing to do,” says Nazim. “The statistics and indicators from the programme gave us better insight on how we were doing in terms of points and our AIA Vitality Age. Because of that I lost 8kg in two months!”

Tracking his fitness level also made Nazim more invested in his health. From being just a gym guy then, he now also cycles and runs. “As I have always been a gym goer, I was excited to hear about the Fitness First member benefit; it gives cashback and points to AIA Vitality members, plus they have a gym near my office. But now I also run at the KLCC park after work and cycle on Tuesday nights and weekends,” shares Nazim.

Motivated to further challenge himself, Nazim took part in his first-ever duathlon Powerman Malaysia in March - which he started training for since November 2017. How’s that for reaching the next level?

Nazim also received several other bonuses by being an AIA Vitality member. For starters, when Nazim signed up for an A-Life Signature-I plan, he got an additional account value from the Signature Boost benefit.

“On top of all the rewards, AIA Vitality also runs exciting contests for their members. I won a brand new Fitbit by joining one of the contests,” says Nazim.

“What’s great about the programme is that it gives you a better understanding of your health and wellbeing. It encourages you pick things up and spurs you to gain more points. It develops a sense of competitiveness within you as well. To top it all, it’s also fun,” shares Nazim.

Want to be on top of your health? Find out how at www.aia.com.my/aiavitality