“My AIA Vitality Age was 43, which was so much older than my actual age!” recalls Muhamad Yusriman bin Yusof of his initial results from the AIA Vitality Health Review, an indicator of one’s overall health. This was despite already doing some exercise, according to the 38-year-old air force military officer.

However, Muhamad Yusriman admits being inconsistent with his routine prior to joining AIA Vitality. “I would run five kilometres maybe once a week or every other week,” he says. “There wasn’t really any motivation then to maintain a healthy lifestyle… but all that changed once I joined the programme.”

Muhamad Yusriman signed up for AIA Vitality due to a couple of reasons, the main one being needing motivation to lead a healthy and active lifestyle for himself and his family, says the father of two..

Then there is also the desire to achieve something; in this case, to hit all the targets set by the programme. “I wanted to challenge myself,” says Muhamad Yusriman, who is currently a Gold member. “I would set a goal to complete four or five hours of active minutes every week.”

Now, not only does Muhamad Yusriman run 10km to 12km regularly, he also spends time playing ping-pong with his neighbours and walks up to 16,000 steps every day. He uses the stairs only when at his office, which is a four-storey building. Needless to say, his Vitality Age has gone down to a number closer to his actual age.

“I have maxed out on all the physical activity points and completed all the online assessments. The next step is to have a medical check-up so I can achieve Platinum status! I’ll probably go to BP HealthCare as members get a discount,” he says.

Being a Fitbit user, Muhamad Yusriman’s membership with AIA Vitality comes in extra handy – members receive a 25% discount on Fitbit devices; he used the discount to buy a Fitbit fitness tracker as a gift for his wife.

“Joining the programme has given me the self-satisfaction to be highly motivated,” says Muhamad Yusriman. “Some of my friends have joined as well and we now compete with each other to see who can achieve the most points.”

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