In It Together for Better Health

Fadli Raihana Mohd Napiah, 30, has always been active but ever since she joined AIA Vitality, she’s upped her game and now does a whole lot more, levelling up to become a Gold member after just six months into the programme. Her colleagues are also actively engaging on the programme like her, and help Raihana stay motivated.

“I love how our fitness passion jives so well with each other. They encouraged me to join them running, and now we go running after work and even join running events together where we compete and encourage each other. I’m also part of the volleyball team with them and we also take part in fitness activities like yoga, body combat, Zumba and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) after office hours. It is fun to work out together and build stronger relationships,” she says.

Having this camaraderie with her colleagues helps Raihana accomplish many of her Weekly Challenges – and receive rewards for doing so. She adds that the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge app also helps her to stay on track and achieve the 7,500 steps a day to stay healthy. And of course, colleagues who work out together, enjoy rewards together! “We almost never miss the bi-weekly reward and being movie buffs, we enjoy watching movies together after work using our free TGV Cinema tickets,” says Raihana.

Over the last six months, Raihana has thoroughly enjoyed the many benefits she receives. This includes the 10 percent Jaya Grocer discount she uses for her weekly fruit and vegetable shopping as part of her ‘eat clean’ regime. She also recently bought a Fitbit for herself too with the 25 percent discount for AIA Vitality members.

“My job as an IT analyst means that I am always in front of the computer screen, which can be strenuous and stressful. When I’m at my desk for too long at a time, my Fitbit will notify me to stand up and take a walk around. This helps me stay fresh and focused at work. I encourage my colleagues to do the same too,” says Raihana.

She makes sure that her colleagues who are also members don’t miss out on any benefits. “I recommended my colleagues to use the AirAsia cashback reward and one of my colleagues didn’t know about the 25 percent Garmin discount until I told him about it – he went ahead to buy one for himself,” shares Raihana.

“I would definitely encourage others to join AIA Vitality because it really helps you stay active and healthy. Plus, there are just so many benefits that if you don’t use them, then it is your loss,” says Raihana.

Take up AIA Vitality right now so you can get a head start to better health. Visit for more info.