“My daily routine before joining AIA Vitality? Go to the clinic, work till late, come home. Then repeat it all over again the next day,” says Dr. Shanti Sri Subramaniam, a 31-year-old dentist.

It was clear that due to her sedentary lifestyle, Dr. Shanti would fall sick often. She wasn’t happy about how she looked and felt either as she didn’t have the time to exercise. All of this caused her to feel down and negative about herself.

“I was very unhappy then – about my health and body shape,” she says. “I was working all the time, I just didn’t have the time to be active. I also didn’t have a solid plan on how to take care of my health.”

Her cousin introduced her to AIA Vitality as a way to encourage Dr. Shanti to be more proactive and take charge of her health. Since joining in December 2016, the Silver-status member is happier about her healthier lifestyle. She is more diligent about exercising and doesn’t fall sick so often anymore. And guess what, she even won a beauty pageant in February 2017!

“I jog regularly, go for weekly Zumba classes with my colleagues, clock in at least 7,500 steps a day, and take better care of my own health by regularly reviewing my health status as prompted by the programme,” says Dr. Shanti. “My AIA Vitality Age has reduced by three years, making it closer to my actual age. I was crowned Miss Hit Malaysia 2017 and recently got engaged too.”

She credits it all to the science-backed programme. “Thanks to AIA Vitality, I’m up to speed when it comes to my health. What I like about it is that aside from helping me be fit and healthy, I also get perks like discounts on AirAsia flights. I love travelling and I’ve actually used the discounts on flight tickets to India several times, even bringing my mom along with me,” says Dr. Shanti.

Inspired by the doctor’s transformation? You too can do the same, with a little help from AIA Vitality. Find out how at www.aia.com.my/aiavitality.