The Life Changer

Looking at Angie Ng now, you’d never believe that this uber-active banker used to have issues with her weight. So much so that she had to put up with discomfort and pain around her ankles. Her doctor’s only advice was to lose the extra kilos. However, there wasn’t enough push for Angie to do so, which was why her previous keep-fit efforts weren’t exactly making any headway to be healthier.

Everything changed for the better when Ng was introduced to the AIA Vitality programme as part of her benefit as an employee with the bank. “We should learn more about our health and take necessary steps to improve and maintain it. AIA Vitality fits in well with my lifestyle as it really focuses on my health and wellbeing,” said Ng.

The easy-to-follow fitness plan made the programme more enticing to Ng. “I like the concept of AIA Vitality. It keeps me on the go and reminds me to stay active,” added Ng. One of the fitness goals under AIA Vitality is to achieve 7,500 steps every day, which Ng says is easy to achieve – she’s now on 12,500 steps a day.

She has also changed her diet, joined the gym, hired a personal trainer and signed up for Yoga classes. Her latest fitness achievement? “I joined and finished a 10km run recently in Kuching for the very first time with my colleagues,” said Ng.

Then there are the Weekly Challenges such as reducing sugar and alcohol intakes, or completing a 5 or 10km run. These, says Ng, are not only enjoyable but also help her earn points that can be redeemed for discounts and vouchers. In fact, she’s used her AIA Vitality perks to purchase a fitness device - Fitbit Charge 2 at 25% discount, prompting her to be more attentive to track her fitness activities. Other rewards that she looks forward to include RM10 off her favourite Starbucks beverages and free TGV Cinemas movie tickets. As an AIA Vitality member, Ng is also able to offset her A-Life Cancer360 insurance premium as she receives a yearly cash bonus.

Her real reward though? Being able to lose 34kg with no ankle discomforts anymore! “My goal was to reduce my weight and I did it,” expressed Ng.

The Platinum member explained that it is possible to earn membership points, even in a city like Kuching where she is currently based. “I run and hike with my colleagues and I cycle with my family members. There are online assessments to earn points, health checks that can be done at Guardian pharmacies and BP Healthcare labs as well as challenges you can easily complete whilst having fun with your friends.”

Ng has most certainly no qualms recommending AIA Vitality to her friends and family members to help them stay active and healthy because of the evident, positive effect it had on her life. “AIA Vitality keeps pushing me further. I really like the rewards system because as a banker, I love numbers and figures. Seeing my AIA Vitality points increase on a daily basis motivates me to remain committed to my fitness regime. It is important to take care of your health and is the reason why I encourage others to engage with the programme to stay active and healthy, and at the same time enjoy the benefits.”

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