Healthy Mum, Healthy Baby!

IT analyst Afiza Halin has always been active, running marathons and hitting the outdoor trails. Now she has another reason to stay fit – a baby is on the way!

She decided to join AIA Vitality when she was just two months pregnant after being recommended by her AIA Life Planner. “My main motivation to befit and stay healthy is this little peach that’s growing in my belly. I cannot find a better and bigger motivation than this,” says the mummy-to-be who is almost 9 months pregnant.

Due to a knee injury, Afiza can no longer carry out vigorous activities like she used to. However, the injury is no excuse for her not be active, it just means she needs to find alternatives to suit her current situation such as yoga, regular walks and swimming. Before trying a new activity, Afiza always ensures that she gets the ‘go-ahead’ from her doctor. “I consult my doctor so that it is safe for me and the baby,” she shares.

Thanks to AIA Vitality, Afiza is more disciplined and determined to hit her exercise goals, especially with the Weekly Challenges. “I make it a point do my minimum steps to be active. To achieve 7,500 steps every day is not easy, especially when you are pregnant but I still try. My job also requires me to travel around the world and at times I do work around the clock. So, for me to be able to squeeze in some work-out time, I have to manage and plan my schedule ahead. I make sure I wake up early and do my one-hour walk or swim,” says Afiza.

Meeting her Weekly Challenges also means racking up the points that can then be exchanged for up to 2 rewards per month like a free Boost Juice, a TGV Cinemas movie pass, vouchers from Starbucks and dahmakan. There are other perks too. “I love the fact that AIA Vitality gives me 10% off fresh fruits and vegetables at Jaya Grocer, where I frequent on a weekly basis. I get up to 45% additional coverage on my plan too,” shares Afiza. She also plans on signing up with Fitness First after giving birth where AIA Vitality members can save up to 50% off their gym membership.

Afiza enjoys being part of AIA Vitality that she’s even roped in her husband to be a member so they can motivate each other to stay healthy. “We compare points and post up our activities and rewards on Instagram. Friends have come up to us asking about AIA Vitality. I’ve also signed up for the A-Life Joy-i takaful plan for my baby while my husband now has an A-LifeLink-i takaful plan,” she says.

With motherhood just around the corner, Afiza is glad that AIA Vitality has helped her stay healthy throughout her pregnancy. “People would generally consider and think that women who are pregnant are fragile, frail and weak. I beg to differ as I think women have super strong bodies. So, I urge all women, whether pregnant or not to keep their bodies strong and healthy. Do simple things like walking to the grocery store if it is nearby or a stroll down the park. The most important thing is to listen to your body and do what you think is best for it,” advises Afiza.

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