Is age really just a number?

Well, Tan Ji Wei, a Science lecturer at a private university in Selangor would beg to differ.

At 33, Ji Wei was at the peak of his career. He had his hands tied up with work which left him with no time to take care of his health and fitness. In fact, Ji Wei was so busy that he would skip meals and just turn to junk food, soft drinks and anything with high sugar content.

You could say that Ji Wei’s lifestyle was slowly but surely affecting his health. His health check-ups would constantly show that Ji Wei’s health numbers were in the unhealthy range and due to harmful eating habits, Ji Wei found himself steadily falling into the overweight category.

In October 2019, Ji Wei finally took his first step towards improving his lifestyle when his AIA Vitality Age showed that his body was aging faster than he was in reality. In fact, Ji Wei’s body was 10 years older and this drove him to make the change!

“I thought the programme had a glitch. But I knew that I couldn’t go on this way! I needed to do something about it! I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle and the point rewarding system was the most attractive to me. It rewarded me for staying healthy and it wasn’t only focused on physical activity but a wholesome journey which included eating well and resting well too.” Ji Wei said.

The AIA Vitality Age was a wakeup call for Ji Wei. From that day onwards he decided to take charge and started working towards improving his health. His constant boost of encouragement came in the form of accomplishing his Weekly Challenges.

“AIA Vitality does not only motivate you to stay healthy, but it also rewards you for keeping up with your weekly goals to maintain that lifestyle. Every 2 weeks you get the Weekly Challenge Reward from Grab, Shopee, Jaya Grocer or the Touch ‘n Go eWallet,” he shares.

While many found it miserable to be stuck at home this year due to the Movement Control Order, Ji Wei utilised it for good! Being at home allowed him to fast track his goals. He managed to sleep well, eat healthily and exercise more frequently. In fact, his day wasn’t complete without a run and a daily HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout at home.

Within a year of signing up as a member of AIA Vitality, Ji Wei is now a proud Platinum member who has lost 20kgs and is strong, healthy and fit. But most importantly Ji Wei’s AIA Vitality Age now matches his real age!

AIA Vitality has truly enriched Ji Wei’s life. Today, he is in control of his health, he feels better about himself and exudes confidence wherever he goes.

“Now I am more aware of my lifestyle, my weight and my body fat composition. I have better control over my eating habits and my cholesterol levels have dropped the first time ever, in 10 years! I haven’t felt better in my life and I am now more confident than ever.” Ji Wei says proudly.

Over the past year, Ji Wei has become an inspiration to his peers and ironically even to the person who first introduced him to the programme, his life planner. Ji Wei is constantly encouraging his peers and his life planner in their journey, and he helps drive them towards achieving their workout goals to earn points in their Weekly Challenges.

For Ji Wei’s life planner, his determination, encouragement and overall transformation truly inspires her.

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