Regaining Control of Life

Being told that you have diabetes and three blocked arteries isn’t exactly what you want to hear at the age of 35. That was what Najib Sahari encountered six years ago. “My doctor advised me to change my lifestyle and I decided to be a fighter. I even had high blood pressure, but I was determined to improve my health!” says Najib.

His efforts to be healthier eventually led him to the AIA website. Najib was interested in finding an insurance package that would cover him despite his critical illnesses. That’s when he learnt about the AIA Vitality programme. He wasn’t sure if he would even be eligible to sign-up for any insurance plan or AIA Vitality. Fortunately, his AIA Life Planner Suziana was able to help him sign up for both A-Life Cancer360 as well as AIA Vitality.

And from then on, Najib’s transformation journey continued with the extra push from AIA Vitality. At the beginning, Najib’s AIA Vitality Age was much higher than his actual age. Now, the figure has dropped to 38 when in fact, Najib is now 41 years old.

He started making small changes by firstly purchasing a fitness tracker device to monitor his fitness levels. Later, when his former classmate was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Najib who is a marketing executive made a pledge to walk five miles for whoever who donated RM50 to MAKNA (National Cancer Council Malaysia). Najib managed to raise RM600 and shaved his head for an additional RM1,250.

“I wanted to fight my illness so badly that the thought of giving up never crossed my mind. Thankfully, the AIA Vitality programme made it even more possible for me to achieve my mission. I take 10,000 steps daily during weekdays and go for 10km walks over the weekends. Last weekend, I even walked 21km!” shares Najib.

As a result of his strong will power, Najib’s cholesterol level also improved while his illnesses are now under control.

Najib also enjoys the other perks of being an AIA Vitality member. “I get TGV Cinemas movie passes and Boost Juice as well as Jaya Grocer vouchers from the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge app. What I like the most is you get to enjoy lower airfares from AirAsia,” he explains. Najib has won other amazing prizes from campaigns and contests ran by AIA Vitality, one of it being able to meet AIA’s Global Ambassador, David Beckham.

Najib has also recommended his friends and family to join AIA Vitality. “I feel more motivated and happier seeing that my friends and family members are now taking steps to improve their health. Almost everyone from my family suffers from the same condition and I want them to have the best possible health. It’s amazing that the programme has helped my brother lose weight, from 115kg to 70kg!” says Najib.

“It was never easy in the beginning. But once you are determined to change your life, you’ll want to do whatever it takes to be better. My fitness level has improved year by year and this motivates me to keep going. AIA Vitality has been so rewarding and helpful in my quest to be healthier, which is now part of my lifestyle.”

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