Healthy Choices Made Easier

TV producer and newscaster Hani Harun has always led a healthy lifestyle. She’s an avid runner – she enjoys running around her neighborhood area, parks and at times around nearby city lakes. On other days, you’ll find her running on her personal treadmill at home or hitting the gym for an extra boost of energy!

“I don’t really have any issues when it comes to exercising. I join Zumba and Body Combat classes at the gym. I like to do something that is a little bit different rather than just running which can get quite boring,” says Hani.

Her weakness? “I have a sweet tooth! I love chocolates and cakes. I need to cut down on my sugar intake as well as fried food. I am trying my best to eat healthy every day.”

At times, Hani finds it hard to stay motivated. That was until she discovered AIA Vitality. Since joining the programme back in September 2018, keeping up with her goals of staying fit and healthy have been much easier. “I can now keep track of my fitness level and activities and at the same time receive additional perks.”

“Before signing up for AIA Vitality, I would go to the gym but there would be no challenges or rewards for me so it was difficult to stay motivated and keep going. Now, I always push myself to achieve the Weekly Challenge targets. Since then, I’ve managed to hit my Weekly Target and have been enjoying AIA Vitality rewards every other week,” says Hani. Her favourite reward? “RM10 off my Boost Juice drinks and Jaya Grocer vouchers as well as the 10% off on fresh fruits and vegetables,” shares Hani.

As an AIA Vitality member, Hani also receives additional benefit called Signature Boost that allows her to accumulate more account value under her A-Life Signature-i takaful plan. “AIA Vitality helped me realise that it’s equally important to stay healthy and be adequately protected with my takaful plan,” she explains, adding that losing her father to a heart attack a few years ago was one of the reasons why she opted for insurance protection to safeguard her future and her loved ones too.

She credits her AIA Life Planner, Khairul Bariah whom she met during one of her routine running sessions, for steering her in the right direction towards health and protection. Through Bariah, Hani learnt more about her protection needs via the A-Life Signature-i plan as well as how to fully utilise the AIA Vitality programme to achieve her health goals. Hani went from achieving the Gold status within 3 months of joining the programme to a proud Platinum member in just 7 months. Way to go, Hani!

More importantly for Hani is that AIA Vitality has given her a new reason to stay healthy. “As I age, I tend to be more health conscious and now considering my age, everything is about being healthy and keeping fit as well as being able to track my fitness goals. When you’re healthier and when you exercise, you sleep better and have less stress. It has definitely helped me in terms of managing my stress and getting the quality sleep I need,” says Hani.

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