The Greatest Gift in Life

A well-balanced diet and exercising regularly will always remain top priority for Goh Gek Ngo when it comes to her health. “The quality of life stems from the state of one’s health. To enjoy life and pursue our dreams, we need to be healthy, both physically and mentally. I want to look good and stay healthy. If I don’t take care of myself, who will?” she says.

To complement her active lifestyle, Goh joined the AIA Vitality programme in March 2018. Her regular workout sessions have enabled her to achieve the Gold status and is now inching her way closer towards Platinum. Goh explains that the science-backed health programme gives her value-added benefits. “The Weekly Challenge in particular really motivates me to stay active and rewards me with a variety of amazing benefits for accomplishing my targets. The points I received by going for health and dental checks, carrying out physical activities and even tracking my sleep, helped me progress from one status to another. The programme truly rewards me for choosing to be healthy. What else can one ask for?”

Being an AIA Vitality member has also helped with her marathon training. She started running actively last year but with the programme, Goh says her performance improved tremendously  with each race. “With the constant urge to gain more points, AIA Vitality keeps me on my toes and pushes me to be consistently active. I bought a Garmin fitness device so I can keep track of my workouts and sync it with the programme to track my AIA Vitality points. I’m also aware of the quality of my exercises; whether my heart rate is at an accurate pace to burn fat, the amount of calories I’ve burnt as well as the number of steps I’ve taken. My biggest achievement was completing a half marathon in less than three hours after just three months of training – such a satisfying feeling and my proudest achievement ever! I am now training for my full marathon which is in September this year.”

Having experienced amazing results with AIA Vitality, Goh is actively championing the programme to her colleagues working in the same company. As a corporate member, her company has enrolled all its employees into the programme and Goh is determined to further motivate her colleagues to be more engaged. As an AIA Vitality ambassador at her workplace, she actively organises events for her colleagues to get more information about the programme as well as encourage them to participate in nutrition assessments, health checks as well as mental wellbeing talks.

“I am now an AIA Vitality champ at the office where I advocate the great benefits I’ve gained from the programme. My transformation has been an eye opener to many as I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since joining the programme. AIA Vitality is also another avenue for my colleagues and I to interact with one another and I must say that the programme inculcates a healthy competition between us - we even compare our steps, calories burnt and of course our AIA Vitality points!” shared Goh.

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