Is it a challenge when it comes to exercising as often as one should? Time constraints are an issue, says Rosvinder, 32, of his own experience.

However, Rosvinder does his best to work around this challenge whenever he can, despite his busy schedule as a doctor. “I try to hit the gym four to five times a week. And when I can’t, I will make sure I walk around the hospital,” he says.

Rosvinder – who is a Gold member of AIA Vitality – is constantly encouraging his patients to lead an active lifestyle and to lose weight. “I tell my patients to exercise or at least try to start changing their lifestyle by moving a little bit more as it is important to be healthy,” he says. “In terms of changing your lifestyle or exercising, there are many reasons not to do it but there are also reasons to do it.”

To further encourage his patients as well as friends, he shares his experience with AIA Vitality with them, not just in terms of the rewards but the motivation he gets. Since joining the programme in September 2016, Rosvinder finds that he is more disciplined, especially since he wants to achieve his daily steps target to earn points via the programme. “I often walk at the park near my house. Just by doing this and the additional steps I take while at the gym and at work, I am able to meet the maximum 15,000 points for fitness-related activities,” he says.

Though it doesn’t mean that once he’s reached the maximum points, Rosvinder calls it quits for the day. He continues to be active, spurred on by a sense of satisfaction thanks to the programme. “I enjoy the rewards I get from AIA Vitality just by being active and healthy. I’ve already received three times cashback payouts from Fitness First and purchased AirAsia flight tickets to travel to Cambodia at a 35% discount,” says Rosvinder.

“The value from the rewards that I’ve been enjoying is much more than I paid. But more importantly, I really believe in AIA Vitality as it motivates people to exercise and be healthy,” says Rosvinder.

Still coming up with reasons on why not to exercise? Instead, heed the kind doctor’s advice and think of reasons on why you should exercise! “If you can get rewarded by being active and healthy, why not?” says Rosvinder.