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Cover Kaw Kaw - Special Edition

2024 dot 10 mins read
Protect Well

At AIA, we are committed to being an active partner by encouraging all Malaysians to Subscribe To A Better Life and Earn Cash Rewards with Life+ Rewards.

Get a 1-month contribution waiver of your annualised contribution when you sign up for any of these plans between 1 May 2024 - 31 July 2024 and complete the designated tasks under Life+ Rewards pillars to unlock more cash rewards.


  1. To be eligible for this Campaign, AIA Vitality membership is required, and AIA Vitality membership fee will be collected (if any) upon certificate inception. For A-Life Idaman, should the person covered be a pre-natal or between 0-15 years old, the certificate owner must join AIA Vitality membership
  2. *AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd, shall contribute the second (2nd) month Contribution (excluding A-Plus Enhancer-i Contribution, A-Plus Legasi Enhancer Contribution, A-Plus Saver-i Contribution, Top-up Contribution and AIA Vitality Fee, if any).
  3. 1-month contribution after deducting the unallocated contribution will be credited into the certificate to allow the certificate to be set in force and continue as normal contribution paid certificate i.e., Tabarru’, certificate charges, fund management charge (FMC) and contribution allocation shall apply and continue during this 1-month contribution waiver. From the 3rd month onwards, customers will continue to pay the contribution as normal.
  4. The terms and conditions of the Campaign are subject to change and the decision of AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. on any matter concerning these terms and conditions are final.

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