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Fund Fact Sheets

AIA Eleven Plus Fund

Investment Objective

The primary goal of AIA Eleven Plus Fund is to provide long-term capital growth by investing in large and smaller capitalization equities, and fixed income in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific and emerging markets including but not limited to markets located in Central & Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. It is also flexible by allowing investments in newer funds launched in the future. The Fund adopts a relatively balanced approach towards equities and bond exposure with the aim of providing stable growth of your investment.

Investment Strategy and Approach

The Fund managers are growth and value investors adopting a disciplined and balanced approach to investment, while maintaining a well-balanced portfolio of funds at all times. We strive for consistent and superior returns in bull and bear markets and avoid taking excessive risks and unhealthy speculation.

A ‘top-down’ approach is adopted for asset allocation and fund selection. The managers are fundamentally focused, under/overweighting different funds at different cycle of the economy. The managers examine macro-economic factors which determine underlying economic trends of each country/region. This is used as a basis to manage the fund’s exposure to different regions. To arrive at an appropriate asset mix between the different funds, the managers will also evaluate quantitative factors such as economic growth, interest rates and corporate profitability of each country/region, as well as qualitative factors such as market sentiment, investors’ confidence and perception.

Important note

The performance of the fund is not guaranteed and the value of investment and their derived income may increase or decrease. Past performance is not a guide to future or likely performance. Before investing into the fund, you should consider whether this fund meets your investment objective and risk appetite.

This is purely a product summary. Please refer to policy contract for further details or contact us at 1300-88-1899 for more information.