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You save to meet different needs, be it to prepare for rainy day, dream vacation or kids' education fund. No matter what your commitments are, it is crucial for you to choose the right plan to start growing your nest.

Build your child’s pathway to success

Secure your Little One’s Future

Becoming a parent is one of life’s most joyous experiences. Your life also takes on a new focus, which is to ensure that your little one has everything he or she needs to thrive and grow. And education is at the top of your priority list.

A-EduAchieve is specially created to help you build your child’s education fund. It comes with attractive features such as the University Startup Booster which helps to enhance your child's education savings when he or she turns 18.

A-EduAchieve also provides your little one with insurance protection and you may receive tax relief for premiums paid.

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A-EduAchieve  offers you:

University Startup Booster1
University Startup Booster is payable at policy anniversary when your child reaches age 18. It shall be automatically credited into the Savings Account of the policy at 100% allocation rate. The amount payable is as follows:

Entry age University Startup Booster (amount equivalent to)
0 – 5 15 monthly regular premium1
6 – 10 9 monthly regular premium1

Insurance Cover with Payor Benefits
Covers death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). It is packaged with A-Plus Payor.  A-Plus Payor helps to meet your child’s education needs by continuing the premium payment if you suffer from Total and Permanent Disability2 or loss of life. A-EduAchieve matures at age 25.

Increasing Coverage through Anniversary Bonus1
The Anniversary Bonus increases your child’s coverage at 1% of the sum assured at no additional cost, starting from the beginning of 2nd policy year until 120% of the sum assured is reached. The Anniversary Bonus will be paid upon death or TPD in addition to the initial sum assured.

Customized to your education savings needs
Flexibility to increase your savings via top-ups or withdrawal whenever your needs change.

5-year Guaranteed Coverage1
Your plan will continue to be in force within the first 5 policy years, even though your account value is insufficient to cover the Cost of Insurance and the Monthly Service Charge.

Various Investment-Linked Funds
Wide range of funds for you to choose from based on your financial goals. You can opt to top up your investment anytime or switch between funds depending on your risk appetite.

Conversion Privilege1
Upon maturity, option is given to convert this basic plan to another regular premium investment-linked basic plan without further underwriting while the plan is still in force.

1 Terms and conditions apply.
2 TPD coverage up to age 70.

This is purely a product summary. Please refer to the policy contract for further details.

  A-EduAchieve A-Plus Payor
Entry Age Child 14 days to 10 years old
Payor 18 to 60 years old
Minimum Premium RM 2,400 per annum
(consist 50% of regular premium and 50% of A-Plus Saver premium)
Coverage Term Up to age 25 of the child
Premium Paying Term Up to age 25 of the child