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Retirement is the beginning of a new life experience. With proper planning, your retirement time should be considered as one of the best and most enjoyable periods of your life. At AIA, we have the expertise to provide the best products and services to match your individual needs. You can choose from our wide range of endowment plans that coincide with your retirement.

Securing for a Promising Tomorrow

Enriching & Protecting You

Ever thought about how you can best protect yourself against life’s uncertainties while increasing your wealth at the same time?

We bring you A-Enrich20 which allows you to have the best of both worlds. It provides you with guaranteed cash payments and increasing insurance coverage, with limited commitment duration of 20 years.

A-Enrich20 offers you:

Limited Premium Payment Term
Premium is payable for a limited duration of 20 years.

Guaranteed Cash Payment
Guaranteed Cash Payments are payable yearly starting from the end of 5th policy year until its maturity at age 75.

End of Policy Year Guaranteed Cash Payment
(% of the Initial Sum Assured)
5 – 8 2.5%
9 – 20 3.5%
21 – Maturity 4.5%

Increasing Insurance Coverage
Covers death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD)1, the sum assured increases starting from the 8th policy year as follows:

End of Policy Year Additional Sum Assured
8 – 15 10% of Initial Sum Assured
16 – Maturity 20% of Initial Sum Assured

Extra Payout in the Form of Non-Guaranteed Dividends2
Annual Dividends (if any) are declared yearly starting from the end of 5th policy year until maturity. Terminal Dividend (if any) is payable upon policy termination or maturity.

Additional Insurance Coverage Due to Accident3
Double of the current sum assured4 shall be payable upon death or TPD caused by accident and triple of the current sum assured4 shall be payable if such accident happen in public land transportation, buildings, lifts or elevators.

Additional Funeral Expense Benefit
Upon death, an additional 25% of initial sum assured is payable.

Maturity Benefits
Maturity benefits in one lump sum at age 75. Maturity benefits consist of 120% of initial sum assured amount, accumulated Guaranteed Cash Payments (if any), accumulated Annual Dividend (if any) and Terminal Dividend (if any), less any indebtedness.

1 Coverage for TPD is up to age 65.
2 Dividends consist of Annual Dividends and Terminal Dividend. Dividends are not guaranteed.

3 Coverage for accidental death is up to age 70 while accidental TPD is up to age 65.
4 Current sum assured shall mean the sum total of the initial sum assured and additional sum assured.

This is purely a product summary. Please refer to the policy contract for further details.

Entry Age 14 days to 55 years old
Minimum Sum Assured RM 20,000
Coverage Term Up to age 75
Premium Paying Term 20 years