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Life is full of uncertainties. Misfortune always strike when you are least expected. To safeguard the future of yourself as well as your loved ones, planning for adequate protection should be your top priority.

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We ensure long term protection for your lifetime needs

Due to the rising healthcare cost, the medical bill could be hefty even for some very common surgical procedures. Therefore, it’s not unusual that unforeseen medical expenses could dry up your savings or even compromise your living quality.

With ExcelCare Plus, you get to continue enjoying your life whilst getting comprehensive hospitalization and surgical benefit.

ExcelCare Plus offers you the following benefits:

High Medical Reimbursement Limit
You get to enjoy a choice of medical reimbursement lifetime limit ranging from RM200,000 to as high as RM700,000.

Lifelong Protection
The plan covers you medical need till age 100.

Worldwide Coverage
You are protected 7-day 24-hour no matter where you are.

Hassle-free Admission
Hassle free hospital admission with medical card.

Unlimited Lifetime Limit
By adding on MediCover Plus plan, an optional benefit for ExcelCare Plus, insufficient medical coverage is the last thing on your mind to worry about as you get to enjoy unlimited lifetime limit.

Important: This is purely a product summary. Please refer to policy contract for further details.

Entry Age For Individual plan
4 weeks to 60 years of age

For Insured and Children and Family plan
Spouse: 16 to 60 years old
Children: 2 weeks and under 23 years of age
Coverage Level 5 levels to choose from – 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350
Premium Paying Duration Payable up to age 100 or expiry of the basic plan, whichever is earlier

Mrs. Chan is a 30 year-old store manager with ExcelCare Plus and MediCover Plus riders. During her check-up, she discovered a breast lump. One week later, she was hospitalized to have the lump removed. Two weeks after being discharged, Mrs. Chan went back for a follow-up visit.

The actual hospitalization bill including the follow-up amounted to RM25,000. However, Mrs. Chan doesn’t have to worry about the bill as the medical expenses are covered under her medical policy