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Terms and Conditions

Who can apply?


  • Individual Malaysian citizens or permanent residents. Married couples are encouraged to apply jointly.
  • For Resident Business Entities (on a case by case basis only):
    • The business must be established for at least 5 years and operating profitability for the past 3 years.
    • Income substantiated with proof of income tax return, audited financial statements, tenancy agreements or any other income evidences.
    • Average monthly income will be based on 3 years declared income in the income tax form J (1) or B form with official receipt of income tax payment.
  • For limited company, all directors must jointly and severally guarantee the loan

Commercial Properties Financed


  • Completed commercial properties with Certificate of Fitness for occupancy.
  • Completed shophouses with or without individual or strata titles.
  • For leasehold land, the unexpired land lease must be at least 50 years upon maturity of the loan.
  • Subject to minimum required marketability factor by our panel of valuer and site visit.
  • Factories, commercial retail lots and offices are excluded (ie. Retail outlets in shopping malls and office buildings in business districts) .
  • Commercial properties on Malay Reserve or native land, located at landslip/flood prone area/Oxidation pond/power station, and any negative factors that affect the open market value would also be excluded.
  • Selected commercial areas located in Klang Valley, Selangor, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Loan Tenure


  • Minimum : 5 years
  • Maximum : 30 years or age 65, whichever earlier.

Minimum Loan Financed


  • Minimum Loan :RM300,000

Interest Rate


Non Zero Moving Cost (NZMC) 5.55% p.a.
Zero Moving Cost (ZMC) 5.79% p.a.


Other Terms and Conditions


A house owner insurance policy on the property to be charged is required. For non landed properties, a certified true copy of the master policy with AIA Bhd endorsed as a mortgagee/charge must be forwarded to AIA on a yearly basis.

For individual applicants/ guarantors must be adequately protected by AIA Group Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance or AIA life policies (Life, Term or combination) on the total loan amount.

Valuation report and loan documentation must be prepared by our panel and all fees are to be borne by the borrowers.

Zero Moving Costs refer to the legal fees, stamp duty, disbursement and valuation for the loan agreement only

Margin Of Financing (MOF)


  • MOF is based on the property’s Open Market Value (OMV) or purchase price whichever is lower for new purchase per the below table.
  • For refinancing, MOF is based only on OMV per the below table.
  Open Market Value (OMV) or Purchase Price whichever is lower

New Purchase


(Up To) 80%

(Up To) 70% (based on OMV)

N.B. Cashout is available to finance Group Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (GMRTA), legal fees, investments and business commitments.

Important: The above are purely brief features of AIA Fixed Rate Shop Loan and shall under no circumstances be taken as a form of professional investment advice of any manner. If you are interested to participate in this AIA Fixed Rate Shop Loan, kindly seek further consultation from any of our dedicated sales staff to determine whether your individual case qualifies for AIA Fixed Rate Shop Loan . The ultimate decision on the approval or rejection of any particular loan application lies with AIA.

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Important: This is purely a product summary and shall under no circumstances be used or deemed as an offer to sell nor shall it be taken as a form of professional advice of any manner. Please contact us at 1-300-88 1899 for more information.