AIA Malaysia

Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB)

FMB can help settle disputes between you and your insurance company and the services are offered free-of-charge. Your insurance policy must be with a Member of the Bureau and underwritten within Malaysia. The Mediator has jurisdiction to consider disputes or claims relating to your insurance policy up to RM100,000, if the case is not time barred or more than six years and have not been or referred to the court and / or for arbitration.

You may refer the case to FMB when you and the insurance company have failed to reach an agreement, guided by the “Procedure for Complaint or Reference” below. The FMB can be contacted at :

The Financial Mediation Bureau
Level 25, Bangunan Darul Takaful
(former Bangunan Sime Bank)
No. 4 Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03-2272 2811, Fax 03-2274 5752

Procedure For Complaint or Reference

You should first refer the case to the insurer and try to resolve your disputes or claims with the insurer concerned. For AIA, our Customer Relation Unit (CRU) can be contacted at :

Customer Relations Unit
Customer Care Centre
Level 7, Menara AIA
99 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03-2056 3712, Fax 03-2056 3791

If you are not satisfied with the final decision, you may write to the FMB within six months of receiving such decision, giving details of the dispute, the name of the insurance company and policy number.

Copies of correspondences between the policyholder and the company may be sent to facilitate tracing the case file kept by the company.

There is no appeal procedure within the Bureau. If the policyholder does not want to accept the award, he may reject the decision of the Mediator and he is free to institute Court proceedings against the company or refer it to Arbitration. However, if you do accept the FMB’s decision, you may lose your right to seek other alternatives in respect of your disputes or claims.

The Bureau is not responsible for handling payment following the decision of the Mediator. The Member Company when informed of the acceptance of the award is required to remit the amount direct to the claimant within 30 days.