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1. What are the services provided by AIA Health Services for the AIA Platinum Card / AIA Care Card?

AIA Health Services will facilitate the issuance of Guarantee Letter for hospitalisation for eligible members and will answer telephone enquiry received on the AIA Health Services hotline.

2. Is AIA Platinum Card/AIA Care Card recognized by the hospitals?

Yes, AIA Health Services Panel Hospitals within Malaysia has close working arrangement with AIA Health Services.

3. What should I do when I have to be admitted for medical treatment?

Refer to the 4 simple steps at the back of your AIA Platinum Card/AIA Care Card.

Prior to your admission, contact AIA Health Services to inform them of your admission. Also inform the panel hospital that you have the AIA Platinum Card/AIA Care Card. You will be required to fill up the necessary documentation and the hospital staff shall assist to send it to Health Services in order for them to process your request. Once there is confirmation of your policy and eligibility, AIA Health Services will issue a guarantee letter to the hospital you will be admitted to enable a smooth admission process.

4. Will the hospital accept my AIA Platinum Card/AIA Care Card as a guarantee of admission deposits?

The AIA Platinum Card/AIA Care Card is not a credit card and therefore will not be accepted by the hospital as a guarantee. The card is to facilitate the hospital to recognize you as an AIA policyholder.

5. Do I have to place any admission deposit?

Some hospitals may require deposits upon admission. This is refundable by the hospital upon discharge after deducting the deductible or co-insurance amount and non-covered charges.

6 .Once AIA Health Services has agreed to settle my hospital bills, will I still incur any charges?

AIA Health Services will guarantee for the expenses incurred which fall within your policy’s benefit limit. You may be required to pay the deductible and co-insurance amount, any excess charges and charges that are not covered under your policy (telecommunication, extra meals, miscellaneous expenses, service tax, braces, special aids, etc.).

7. In an emergency, which hospital should I go to?

In case of emergency, please proceed to the nearest AIA Health Services Panel Hospital where possible, or any other hospitals. For admission to a non-panel hospital, you will have to settle the hospitalisation bill and submit the claim to AIA for processing in accordance to the term and conditions of the policy contract.

8. Can I enjoy the services of AIA Health Services when I am abroad?

No. The AIA Platinum Card / AIA Care Card is only applicable to AIA Health Services Panel Hospitals in Malaysia. You would need to file a claim directly with AIA for claims incurred out of the country. This claim will be assessed in accordance to the terms and conditions of the policy contract.

9. Where can I obtain the hospitalisation claim form?

This form can be obtained at the AIA Health Services Panel Hospital, or from your agent or any AIA branches. The fee charged, if any for the completion of the hospitalisation claim form, shall be borne by the Insured.

10. How long before my admission must I inform AIA Health Services?

To provide sufficient time for AIA Health Services to process your request, it is recommended to request from your attending doctor to complete the Section II of the hospitalisation Claim Form, and furnish this completed form to AIA Health Services while you are still in the clinic.

11. If I am unable to provide the completed forms filled by the doctor, will AIA Health Services still assist to settle my hospital bills?

AIA Health Services would need the completed documentation to establish your eligibility. Without this requirement, we will not be able to process your request. You can seek the assistance of your agent or family members to provide this completed form while you are hospitalized and if confirmation can be obtained prior to discharge, AIA Health Services can still assist to guarantee your hospital bills where eligible.

12. Precisely how long do I have to wait in the hospital after the doctor has certified I am fit for discharged?

Normally, the attending doctor will need to settle the paperwork and to complete the hospitalisation Claim (discharged column) before hospital billing staff can prepare your hospitalisation bills. This whole process averagely takes 1-3 hours before AIA Health Services receives the hospitalisation bills.

13. How long will it take before AIA Health Services can confirm the settlement of my hospital bills?

The time taken to confirm the eligibility would depend on the documentation received. Normally, for straightforward cases with the complete documentation, confirmation of settlement can be given within 1 to 2 hours. However, if the documentation is not complete and information cannot be obtained, it may require a longer period or until we receive the necessary documentation

14. In the event I am discharged before any confirmation can be obtained, what should I do?

Under such circumstances, you have an option to either wait for AIA Health Services to approve the guarantee letter (your discharge) or you can settle the hospitalisation bills and file the claim directly with AIA after your discharge. The claims will be adjudicated in accordance to the terms and conditions of policy contract.

15. Under what circumstances would I have to settle my own hospital bill?

There could be several reasons when you may have to settle your own bills. Just to list a few :

  • Incomplete documentation provided to AIA Health Services.
  • Insufficient time to establish the full details to process the request.
  • Exclusions under the policy terms and agreement.
  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Policy lapsed/termination.
  • Outpatient visit, Pre-hospitalisation or post hospitalisation review.
  • Admission for investigations not leading to any treatment required.
  • hospitalisation outside of Malaysia.

16. Where can I obtain information regarding AIA Health Services Panel Hospitals?

Please contact our Customer Services Executive using the speed-dial as enclosed for assistance. Alternatively, you may view this information here.

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