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The Concept of Life Insurance

The Concept of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is ‘dollars purchased at a discount to be paid to somebody someday’.

It is perhaps one of the most important financial tools today and not only the most efficient way of furnishing security. But for most people it is the only way that can provide them security and a “good financial earth.”

It is one of the best possible devices for family protection and a saving instrument that provides a reasonable rate of return with minimal risk. No other financial product offers protection to dreaded events such as premature death, sudden illness, etc.

It does not end there. The concept of life insurance can be a device for Business finance, as an investment, retirement income, educational trust and the list goes on.

The possibilities of life insurance are almost endless but suffice to say, at AIA, we require dedicated, honest and caring individuals who love meeting people to set up these programs for our clients.

Opportunities in Life Insurance

The population in Malaysia is increasing over the years and most of them need financial products like life insurance to offer elements of security against critical illnesses, death, old age, children’s education, etc. That is the reason why we are so optimistic about the Life Insurance business! If you think these concerns are close to your heart, then you could be the person we are looking for.

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